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Fuli 2/3/5/7/9-ply cardboard production line ?Foshan City Fuli Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in the design, assembly and manufacture of regular and high-end 3-layer, five-layer and 7-layer corrugated paperboard manufacturing lines with the breath ranging from 1.2 to 2.5 meters and designing rate from 120meter/minute to 250m/min. Firstly the corrugating medium scroll is fed from a roll stand and after being heated and humidity regelated by a pre-heater, it’ll enter a single facer to be rolled into the required shape and be glued to a liner-board to form a single-faced paperboard. Through over bridge traction, the single-faced cardboard will go through a multi-heater to be heated once again, then a glue applying machine applied glue to it before it’s fed into a double facer and heated for lamination. There a multi-faced paperboard comes into being. Then a slitter scorer will do a longitudinal slit and make a score, a cross cutter will then make precise horizontal and vertical cuts according to specifications required by customers. Lastly, a stacker will stack the lot together and take the counts, the final products of a complete manufacturing line will now be delivered by the stacker. The current development of the carton industry is demanding better paperboard making machinery. To survive fierce market competition and the pressure of high costs, choosing manufacture equipment that can meet the requirements of carton producing companies is a matter of profitability and life and death. Fuli’s machinery well serves the purpose of quality and efficiency boost as well as resource, labor, material saving and waste reduction. We seek no end in innovation to provide cost-efficient and energy-saving corrugated paperboard manufacturing machines.

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Corrugated flatness is one of the important indexes in cardboard production, which is directly related to printing, die-cutting, and/or slotting corner cutting. Poor flatness, i.e. corrugated board a variety of arched, mechanical adsorption printing is easy to get stuck.

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