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Newkuani Intelligentized Cardboard Conveyor System

One-stop equipment supplier -- the expert at overall solution to the intelligentized, economical and efficient logistics conveyance system for corrugated paper industry.

Newkuani conveyor system for paperboard

We have tens of years of experience in the corrugated board industry. Every layout is adapted to the individual customer requirements and the customized conditions on site. We enable fully automatic transport of the stack from the Corrugator to the intermediate storage site and the converting machines and shipment dock. The material flow is supported by PLC and kuani software.

XTPACK 400W7280 Auto Baler Machine

Specially used for recycling waste paper, cartons/cardboards trims/scraps etc. which are popular in packaging/corrugation industrial, paper/ printing plants etc.

Newkuani Intelligentized Paper Roll Conveyor System

Because of the factors of order variability 、material variability 、manual operation complexity and etc. in the process of production,we have successfully developed the intelligent、economical and efficient logistics conveyor system for paper roll to meet the needs of high-speed production equipment.

XTPACK 1500W110110 Horizontal Balers

Specialized in recycling and compressing the loose materials like waste paper, cardboards/cartons, cartons trims, waste books, magazines, plastic film and straw etc.

XTPACK 200W5050P Automatic Baler

Horizontal Balers

XTPACK 600W11075 Horizontal Balers

Widely used for compressing waste cardboard, cartons, paper, plastic film, straw etc.

Automatic logistics warehousing system

Automatic logistics warehousing system

Automatic paper roll conveyor system for paper mill products

Automatic paper roll conveyor system for paper mill products

Automatic paper roll conveyor system for corrugators

Automatic paper roll conveyor system for corrugators

Advantages of Automatic conveyor System

Specifically, the use of automatic logistics in carton factories can bring the following "benefits" to enterprises:1 .Reduce Labor Costs.The second level factory with a daily output of 500,000 square meters of cardboard, with a roller-type logistics solution, at least 5 to 6 people must be arranged to complete the task;If you use a fully automated intelligent logistics system, you only need one person to operate a computer.2. More Scientific and Reasonable in Carrying and Stacking.When using artificial logistics, it is often "needle-in-place" stacking. When it needs to move out a certain pile of cardboard, it is found that the pile is in the innermost part. At this point, the manual operation of time and effort will always occur. And after the adoption of automatic intelligent logistics system, the warehousing situation can be seen at a glance on the computer, and, due to the progress of each process, it can be judged and recorded by the intelligent logistics system, then it can be more scientific, more reasonable in the handling, stacking.3. Increase Production Capacity.For manufacturers, the biggest cost is the waste of capacity.It would be a pity if tens of millions of machinery and equipment were put into inefficient production because of the "logistics".With the automatic intelligent logistics system, all the machines and equipment in the factory can play a better role because of the improvement of the overall supply transport efficiency.4. Maximize Storage Space.Due to the improvement of logistics efficiency and management, the storage time and space of finished products in storage and production can be reduced to achieve real efficient production. Instant order receiving, instant production and instant shipment, enable enterprise in a state of high productivity and high efficiency.5. Make Production Safer.Because all mobile devices of the automatic intelligent logistics system are equipped with sensing devices, it can stop in time when objects or people enter, thus ensuring the safety of people and equipment.Factors to Consider When Purchasing Logistics SystemThe three basic s of logistics system are input, conversion and output.In the corrugated production process, the logistics system should meet the following s:1.Fast and Accurate, Shorten the Process Time2. Save Manpower and Material Resources3. Easy to Manage and IdentifyThe biggest purpose of using the logistics system is to improve the efficiency of paper transportation. On the basis of not damaging the paper, the paper can be transported to the designated location accurately and quickly. Shortening the production time will maximize the production efficiency.However, no matter what kind of logistics system is equipped, it is a prerequisite to meet the production speed.If the machine is produced at a high speed, it needs to be equipped with a high-speed logistics system. If the production itself is very slow, then the high-speed logistics system will make the production more chaotic and not conducive to the improvement of production efficiency.In addition, the biggest advantage of modern logistics system is that manual operations replaced by automation equipment, which greatly saves labor costs and facilitates factory management and system identification.In some relatively all three-level carton factories in China, it still can be seen that workers are carrying base paper or finished products, which not only takes up labor and reduces the production speed, but also has instability, which is not conducive to the manual management of the factory.In some foreign carton factories, workers can hardly be seen. In spacious factories, cardboard runs orderly on the conveyor belt, and workers only need to set some parameters to operate the system.The logistics system is used to make the factory operation more convenient, fast, stable and save manpower and material resources as much as possible. The Following two aspects should be noticed when Purchasing Logistics System:1.Selection of position control mode2. Selection of tranission modeFirst, consider the choice of position control mode.Generally speaking, there are two main ways of position control: servo motor control and electronic eye recognition.Servo control is controlled by program, not easy to damage the cardboard, cardboard protection is the most stable, but its cost is relatively high.But the electric eye automatic induction generally applied in the automatic transportation logistics to control the cardboard position, its price is cheap.But its installation needs a higher conveying surface, which is easy to cause cardboard bump damage.Table 1: Comparative Analysis of Position Control If the caterpillar plastic link is used to transfer the cardboard, the bottom layer is not easy to damage even the cardboard without a backing plate.But it is high maintenance, because sometimes even a all part of the broken will lead to the removal of the whole piece, and its price is higher.Relatively speaking, drum transport is cheap and easy to maintain, but it is easy to damage the bottom of the cardboard, so pads are added in the transport of cardboard .Conveyance belts and air suction belts are generally used for the conveyance of waste paper. Conveyance belts are suitable for the conveyance of larger materials, while air suction belts are suitable for the conveyance of aller materials.Then we need to consider the tranission mode of logistics system.Generally speaking, there are several tranission modes: plastic link, roller conveyor, conveyor belt and air suction. Table 2: Comparative Analysis of Tranission Mode -- If there is Copyright Dispute about the Content, please Contact us to Delete. 

Want to Greatly Enhance Production Efficiency?

----Whole Plant conveyor System is the “ Blood Vessel” in Operating a Cardboard Plant.If the on-line production is the core of intelligent carton manufacturing, then the automatic conveyor system is the manifestation of intelligent carton manufacturing.The automatic conveyor system not only improves the production efficiency, but also reduces the loss and the number of workers.The core link of carton enterprise competitiveness is cost, efficiency and quality. It can be said that the automatic conveyor system makes carton production catch the quick-pace development on the intelligent manufacturing. Experts had made some analyses that there are a great number of large-scale domestic carton manufacturers play well in the auto cardboard line, even as good as the foreign manufacturers, but in terms of the whole factory conveyor automation,it is much inferior. At present, the conveyor of domestic carton factory is still generally in the stage of no power drum and manual moving, which is a great waste of space and manpower.In Europe and the United States, the whole factory automation has become a standard carton factory,but this is very difficult to achieve in China, in the same post-printing process,some carton factories often need three times or even five times more staffs than European countries.With the rising of labor costs, this has become a big problem for the carton factory owners.At this time, an intelligent corrugated whole factory conveyor solution has become an indispensable part of today's high efficiency, high productivity corrugated workshop. From the Perspective of Carton Production Process, conveyor System Includes the Following:1、Intelligent Management and Intelligent conveyor of the Base Paper Warehouse(1). Feeding conveyor from Warehouse to Corrugator(2). From Base Paper Butt Roll to Warehouse Unwinding conveyorIntelligent ERP management of base paper warehouse (bar code or chip) means tothe dynamic quantity and position of each roll of base paper at any time through ERP management, order-arranged management of base paper purchasing, butt roll online management, performance assesent and cost accounting, etc.   △Multi-point or one-point paper storage changes the original paper feeding mode. The Xinguanyi paper storage system operates intelligently with high security, reduces labor and production costs, and provides sufficient base paper for high-speed production of corrugator line in advance.2、Intelligent Conveyor of Cardboard Finished Products and Semi-Finished Products(1). Intelligent conveyor of finished cardboard products through ERP intelligent conveyor and vehicle scheduling conveyor management, send the cardboard finished products, which being automatically packed or wrapped with film , to the designated place for loading and delivery. (2). Cardboard Finished Goods conveyor TransportationAt present, most factories are bulk, low efficiency, long working hours, which easily tocost cardboard, and make mistakes.However, large scale carton loading vehicles use forklifts to load the cardboard directly into the container and transport the customer's photos through the container deployment. Through intelligent control system, the automatic conveying of corrugated board stacking was realized, which greatly saves manpower and material resources.(3) . Intelligent conveyor of semi-finished products send the semi-finished products of cardboard to the designated place at the specified time through ERP intelligent conveyor, and connect the machines for uninterrupted production.3、Post Intelligent Conveyor Entering the printing process, the conveyor system can sort and arrange orders according to orders.The conveyor system is in line with the requirements of the production line characteristics of the carton factory, so as to achieve the most convenient and short-distance flow of the upper and lower parts of the paper-sorting, scoring,angle cutting and other semi-products and finished products. 4、 Intelligent Management and Conveyor Transportation of Finished Carton Warehouse   1. Automatic conveyor means automatically send finished carton products into finished product warehouse, andthe dynamic quantity and position of each carton at any time through intelligent warehouse management.2. The product is directly loaded into the towing box. One car can be equipped with multiple towing boxes, which greatly reduces the waiting time for loading.The control system involves palletizer, automatic shuttle, automatic conveying equipment, stacking robot, automatic guide vehicle (AGV) and other equipment. It is the control core of the whole automatic three-dimensional warehouse system. It connects the scheduling computer of the conveyor system upward and accepts the conveying instructions of materials.Connect the conveying equipment downward to realize the driving of the underlying conveying equipment, the detection and identification of conveying materials;Complete material transfer and process control information transfer.It is reported that the automatic three-dimensional warehouse control system can realize the integrated control and management of equipment monitoring, data collection, communication network and control interface.Through touch screen or key switch can control connected in-line machine,separate machine and manual control,those three-level control . It can dispatch all conveying equipment offline, and complete automatic conveying of materials, realizing ooth interaction and coordination of enterprise work process, conveyor and information flow.  -- If there is Copyright Dispute about the Content, please Contact us to Delete.

What Kinds of Conveyor System in Corrugated Factory?

The rise and improvement of the automatic conveyor system of the carton factory, known as the "third source of profit"in the United States, Japan and some European enterprises,with the development of automation equipment, the improvement of the conveyor system may be related to the enterprise management revolution, but also greatly affect the production efficiency of the enterprise.In China, many carton factories are still using the original drum conveyor, some larger carton factories are equipped with semi-automatic conveyor, but automatic conveyor system configuration in the carton factory now is not widely equipped.However, with the continuous promotion of intelligent manufacturing in carton industry, automatic conveyor system will become the standard configuration of most carton factories in the future.Definition and Performance of Automatic Conveyor SystemIn the carton production process, have you ever encountered these problems: workshop cardboard transport and storage management take time and effort? Drum conveyor being installed yet play the efficiency of the conveyor system?Often scratch corrugated board in the conveying process?Shipment, waybill, tallying cause burden of management personnel? Poor conveyor system efficiency and design, manual work conveyor can not keep up with the speed of corrugator production line?When the automatic intelligent conveyor system with high intelligent degree appears,the conveyor problems that plague carton factories are slowly disappearing. On-line production is the basis of intelligent manufacturing of carton factory, and the automatic conveyor system is the "expressway" for the carton factory to realize the real on-line production. Automatic conveyor system can help the carton factory to improve production efficiency, reduce loss, reduce the number of workers. It can be said that the automatic conveyor system makes the carton production catch the quick-pace development on the intelligent manufacturing.To put it simply, the automatic conveyor system needs intelligent conveyor, ground roller/crawler conveyor, 90-degree / 180-degree rotary table, x-y lateral load shifting, corrugator automatic separate system, automatic up/down pallet, and through the computer system to make these supporting intelligent connected. After the system is set up, the staff only need to input the instruction on the computer, the automatic intelligent conveyor system can complete the conveying task quickly and accurately.The performance characteristics of automatic intelligent conveyor system are as follows:1. Automatic transfer cardboard from corrugator stacking exit to post-processing equipment such as printing machine, laminating machine, glazing machine and foot press;2. Effectively improve the management and transportation efficiency of the warehouse system;3. Real-time and visual workshop management to make the warehouse situation clear.4. Production records and performance statistics can be made for each machine for managers' reference.  Integral Part of a Fully Automated Conveyor SystemFrom the perspective of carton production process, automatic conveyor system includes the following three stages, namely, base paper conveyor, semi-finished product conveyor and finished product conveyor.1. Base Paper ConveyorThe conveyor of base paper is mainly responsible for the transport of base paper. By building an intelligent ERP system of raw paper warehouse and combining the application of bar code and chip, the enterprise canthe dynamic quantity and location information of each roll of raw paper in real time.The use of raw paper conveyor will be conducive to raw paper procurement management, butt roll online management, performance assesent and cost accounting.The base paper conveyor system is easy to operate and can realize the automatic transportation, paper loading and paper returning of the base paper.At present, there are 3 modes of base paper conveyor:No.1:  Single Track in and out Mode That is, a paper cylinder with a track.Each track is both in and out of the paper, this mode of investment is the minimal, but is not suitable for high-speed machine production operations.Because the original paper in and out are costing time, only have to send in after waiting for the inside of the original paper out , which does not meet the needs of modern high-speed production.As a result, this pattern is relatively rare.No.2:  Four Tracks that Only Go in and Plus one Vertical Track That is, these four tracks only going in, the base paper from the other end of the longitudinal rail going out, the base paper directly being transported to the base paper warehouse from the other end after a long longitudinal rail .This model is fast, but at the same time because it takes up a lot of space, so the investment is also large.Therefore, though the layout is the most reasonable, but the investment is large.No.3:  Four- in and One-outFour tracks only responsible for the original paper going in , and another track is responsible for the original paper going out.This is to add a track rather than the use of longitudinal track mode, the additional track specifically to let the base paper out, the base paper generally will not come out together, so this mode is relatively better, and less investment and fast-speed.So this is a relatively economical and efficient model at present.After the carton factory is equipped with the raw paper conveyor, the original cost of carrying cars and the labor cost of carrying drivers will be saved.Cost Save:If the cart-holding consumption and the wage cost of the cart-holding driver add up to 70 $ /day, every time the carton factory reduces a trolley, the cost will be reduced by 2,100$ per month and 25,200 $ in a year.2. Semi-finished Product ConveyorThrough ERP intelligent conveyor, semi-finished products will be delivered to the designated place at a specified time, and the conveyor system will be connected to the machine, so that the equipment can realize uninterrupted production.Specifically, to make cardboard produced by corrugated line to the carton production workshop. 3. Finished Product ConveyorIntelligent conveyor of cardboard finished products through ERP intelligent conveyor and vehicle conveyor management, the cardboard finished products are automatically packaged or sealed with winding film and sent to the designated place for loading and delivery.The finished product includes two kinds, one kind of finished cardboard;Another is finished cartons through the printing process .Part of the finished products will be automatically sent to the finished products warehouse through the intelligent conveyor of finished products. Through the intelligent warehouse management system, the dynamic quantity and location of each pile of cartons can be mastered at any time.  The other part of finished products will be transported directly from the production workshop through finished products conveyor and loaded into towing boxes.Staff only need to issue instructions through the system, and the finished product conveyor system can deliver the specified finished products to the specified location.