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Glory1604 Industrial digital corrugated cardboard inkjet printer

WD200 Industrial Single Pass Digital Corrugated Printer WD200(WD200-24A/32A/48A/64A) Product Features Fast speed: the fastest production speed can be 0.9m/s with 360*180dpi, 0.6m/s with 360*360dpi, 0 3m/s with360*720dpi. Version costs: traditional printing system need to produce flexor, takes time and money. but WD200environmentally printing system do not need it and use inkjet printing technology. Environmentally: the traditional printing system need washing machine, produce large amounts of sewage,and produce large amounts of waste flexor, pollute the environment when replace the varieties. The WD200environmentally printing system use 4-source color inkjet printing technology, won’t cause these problems. Labor: the traditional printing system, from the plate to the printing demands worker with high request and number,the process is cumbersome, time-consuming and labor-intensive, reducing production efficiency . WD200 environmentally printing system use computer plate-making, computer palette and computer save,simple operation, printing on-demand, saving time and labor, high production efficiency.

Highjet 2500A High-Speed Scanning Corrugated Cardboard Inkjet printing Machine

Fast speed: max material moving speed can reach 0.9m per second, it means the yields can up to 3600pics with 0.7m length cartons per hour, fairly with the traditional chain machine.

HighJet 2500B, High-Speed Scanning Digital Inkjet Press

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