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ZYKM-1225 High speed machine

Quality Pursuit Of Best-Quality,PL-GP series Flexo Printer with Better Design,Material,Process,assembly,Operation etc than Industry Standard.Using Newest Quality-Control system,concentrate on every particulars,to serve customers best machinery both in Mechanical part and software.

Servo Motor System Computer Order Arrangement, Storage 999 Orders. Humanize Control, All Adjustment with memory storage and Automatically Operation. High Efficiency, Amazing Speed, Whole Machine With Industrial 4.0 Intelligent Design, Fast Order Shafting, Max speed Goes to 430 pcs/min.

Feature in Performance ■Advanced scientific design concept, passed the European CE certification, independent computer operation table, stores orders, changes order quickly and easily. ■Vacuum transfer printing, bent paper can be transferred precisely. Clearance, phase adjustment are controlled by computer and electric. ■Tranission gears are made of quality alloy steel, imported suitable for coated paper and kraft linerboard. ■Can be equipped with stacker of Folder Gluer in line.

POLARIS SERIES-Printing Slotting Die-cutter

TG High Speed Flexo Printer Slotter Rotary Die-Cutter & Stacker

TG-FS High Speed Flexo Printer Rotary Die-Cutter

High Precision: ±0.25mm Independent servodrive on each unit Lead-edge feeder Vacuum transfer from feeder to die-cutter High Definition: 150Lpi Doctor blade chambers Precise pressure regulator High Efficiency: process finished at one go--from feeder to die-cutter, Production speed up to 150p/min. Super Adaptability: Dual-anilox-roll inking system, shifting between white-coated paper and craft paper, coping with ink volumes for both dot printing and solid printing in one button.

ZYK920 Full Automatic High Speed Printing Grooving Cutting Machine

ZYKM-920 High speed machine

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